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Tailored Payroll Services Designed for your Needs

Tailored Payroll Services Designed for your Needs

As professionals within the payroll service industry, we aim to provide our clients with world-class payroll services. Our professionals are as good as any service bureau. However, with us, you can get the tailored services you deserve.

Our professionals don't do what other bureaus do. We don't rely on front-line support. Instead, we believe in handling each client separately and providing solutions designed specifically for them. With our assistance, your payroll needs will be met in no time. Here's what our Payroll services include:
Complete Year-End W-2 and 1099-Misc Forms
We can help you with reporting and filing your payrolls for your business or personal needs. Our experts are trained with year-end W-2 and 1099-MISC forms designed to simplify your payroll management.
Tax Resolution
Electronic Funds Transfer
Certain garnishments can be simplified with digital transactions, and that's what our clients at Business financial group have for you. We focus on making your experience flawless by providing effective solutions for all your problems.
Accruals Tracking
Tracking accruals for the sick, the personal, and business professionals in your business can simplify your payroll management. Contact our experts today, and we will start tracking every payroll-related account separately.
Professional Reporting
Our experts believe in providing comprehensive reports for more accessible analysis and record keeping. You won't have to spend hours extracting information from the payroll reports and make the process much simpler for yourself.
Tax Resolution
Handle Pay Types Virtually
Payments for payrolls can be a bit more complex to handle traditionally. It is why our Business Financial Group experts focus on making your experiences more controlled. We believe in handling payroll problems smartly, which is possible with proper payroll management.
Tax Planning
Mobile Employee Portal
Updating our clients regarding their payrolls and business accounts is a smart way to avoid future claims, disputes, and other complications. Our experts can set up and provide you with a mobile employee portal that provides comprehensive control over your payroll needs.

Who Needs the Payroll Services?

Payroll services are becoming increasingly popular all over the U.S. the primary reason is that payroll services make the business more accessible and streamlined to handle. The right payroll professionals can handle the financial accounts if you are:


W-2 Employees

As a business owner or an employer, you might be approached by financing bureaus such as the IRS regarding the employees' income. As a small business, it might not be a big problem, but keeping records of W-2 employees may become challenging for business owners if you have hundreds of employees. You can avoid these mistakes and provide detailed information with proper payroll management. As a professional, you can ensure your employees pay their provincial and federal taxes on time.

Sub Contractors

A sub-contracting service has to handle funds worth thousands of dollars to run its business. These funds might become too complex for an independent contractor. Fortunately, professional payroll services can help you find the most suitable management and bookkeeping options for your accounts and streamline your finances.
Sales Tax
Sales Tax

Small Business Owners

No matter how small, a business needs to pay its workforce salaries. Disputes in these salaries can land business owners in some serious trouble. However, professional payroll services offered at Business Financial Group can simplify these issues and provide you with better alternatives.

Rental Property Owners

Rental Properties are officially taxable in a court of law. However, tax payments can be done professionally only if there are sufficient records for the payroll. It's crucial to take the time to create proper records about the rental properties in case the taxation bureaus have something to ask.
Sales Tax


I have done my tax returns with BFG for nearly 15 years. I have found them to be very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend BFG so you can worry less about some of life’s hassles 🙂

George V. and his team are always patient in treating us like newborns when it comes to understanding our accounting needs! We are a local, small, family owned and operated HVAC Company, not accountants. It really helps to have somebody willing to walk us through everything and TRY to help us understand where and what our money goes to! Thanks BFG.

Working with Business Financial Group is best decision I have made for my business! George, the owner is very hands on, patient and very knowledgeable in all aspects of accounting. The customer service is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! Business Financial Group get’s 10 stars from us.

I previously did my Quickbooks data entry myself and I made a huge mess of everything. I tried hiring another freelancer to try sort out the mess that I created. He wasn’t working out and that is when I came into contact with one of George’s Data Entry employee. He referred me to George– it has been a huge weight off my shoulders when I decided to work with George. He handles my books and files my taxes. He has excellent communication and I feel that I can really trust him with doing everything correctly. If you need an accountant that will treat you fairly, keep his word, and that is punctual then I would highly recommend that you give George a call. The Business Financial Group is top notch!

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