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The BFG's QuickBooks® Installation Service and Training Packages
The BFG's QuickBooks® Installation Service and Training Packages
The BFG's QuickBooks® Installation Service and Training Packages
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“Taking care of all your sales tax concerns is our priority”

This service is ideal for small businesses that handle a large volume of bills.
Tax Resolution
Our accountants will assist you in managing your vendors the right way.
Business Profit
We can manage cash flow, negotiate vendor discounts, and organize documents.
Accounts Payable
As sales tax jurisdictions vary, we can prepare quarterly, annual, or monthly returns.
Our accountants will prepare sales tax returns and answer any questions you may have.
Business Tax
We can also defend your sales tax return if you are audited by the government.

Our Accounts Payable Process:

●  We process accounts payable for our clients using the Veem.com platform. Customers can email or forward their bills using an online application (with a phone app as well).

●  In either case, we will enter the information manually into their accounting software or into Veem. It is convenient for the client to log onto Veem here and disburse the payment.

It's as easy as 1-2-3.


*Payments can be made domestically and internationally using this platform for free. You can save money on wire transfer fees.

Which Firms can benefit from our Accounts Payable Services?

Our AP services are available to businesses of any size, and we are available 24/7.

From the USA, we handle both domestic and international payments.

In the end, you spend less than that of a full-time AP employee.

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We Offer Sales Tax Services to Whom?

FAQs :

Q: What types of sales tax services does BFG provide?

. We provide a complete suite of services for sales tax compliance, including filing, payment, and remittance.

Q: Can I count on reliable support from BFG?

. Of course! We provide comprehensive and accurate sales tax services backed by a commitment to quality.

Q: Are you offering sales tax in all states?

A Except for New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and Delaware, we offer sales tax services in all states.


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