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We understand that you hate doing accounting and taxes, but BFG loves it. Our team of specialized accountants enjoys sitting down and crunching numbers. We enjoy making sure that the IRS stays off your back, but most importantly we enjoy being the first company you call to handle all your taxes. We at BFG value your trust the most, and we make sure to prove that every chance we get through our various services such as remote support, virtual meetings, on-call accountants, and more.
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We’ve all had moments where we scramble through our emails and texts to find something and still come out empty-handed. Luckily, BFG found a solution to this problem. Every single time you communicate with us, whether that be through phone or email, it will be recorded in our client only portal. You will be able to access this secured record at any time. Forgot what you said last time we talked? No problem, because it’s all in the portal.

2. Documents
Having tax documents fall into the wrong hands, can cause a world of issues and privacy concerns. Well, BFG eliminates this problem by having you be able to access all your private documents through our client-only portal. This portal is for you and only you, and nobody else has access to it leaving you with peace of mind.

3. Remote Support
We know that it can be confusing to navigate the world of technology, especially when you get numbers involved which is why we offer remote support. Our team of professionals can log in to your computer at any time and assist you with various things such as Quickbooks, software installation, maintenance, etc.

4. Virtual Meeting
Don’t have time to come meet us in person? Not to worry, because we will come to you through a computer screen. We offer virtual meetings where you can talk to us out of the comfort of your own home.

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Have Questions? Call us at (678) 799-7241 and let us show you how our expertise can save you in the long run.

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