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The BFG's QuickBooks® Installation Service and Training Packages

Benefits of QuickBooks® Installation & Training Services

Increase Sales
Increase your Sales with the power of QuickBooks. By learning several smart tools & powerful functionalities. QuickBooks will help you manage your business so you can focus on what’s truly important – your customers.
Reduce Expenses
Small Business owners often focus on bringing in more income as a way to grow their profit margin. But you can reduce expenses by learning how to carefully track your business expenses.
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Increase Cash-Flow
See the future of your cash flow by learning to use the Cash Flow Planner. Know where business is going so you can budget wisely & increase the future cash flow.
Increase Profit
Lower down the cost and increase Profits by learning to use the gross profit formula In Quickbooks and focus on a strategic growth plan for your business.
Manage Assests & Liabilities
In accounting, assets are the resources used to produce revenue & liabilities are amounts owed to third parties. Learning to manage assets and liabilities helps make better decisions.
Manage Payables
Accounts payable exclusively refers to short-term debts that your business owes. Learning and managing payables is one of the most important processes in growing a business.

Who Is It For ?

For business owners, they are starting and growing your business.

Business owners they are preparing to sell their business.

Business owners they want to build a good internal accounting team, and increase the QuickBooks knowledge of the team members.

You receive a cost-effective solution that meets both present and anticipated future accounting and reporting needs of your business.

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1.  Package rates are based on standard installations on systems, which have the recommended hardware, with enough space and    memory to adequately and properly load and run the software with no conflicts. 

2.  Hardware and software not included. Clients are responsible to provide required hardware and softwares.

3.  Clients are responsible for individual data entry, customer and vendor detail information and entry of individual account balances. If required, BFG can provide this service for $75 per hour

4.  Additional QuickBooks consultation and training service is available for $125 per hour.

5.  The above price is for virtual service. Your trainer will remote login to your computer and will complete the setup and will train you  remotely.

6.  If you prefer onsite setup and training, it is available for an additional fee of $199 plus travel expenses.

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