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We Offer Personalized Tax Preparation Solutions!

Maximize Tax Refund
Professionals prepare your taxes to maximize refunds and capitalize on money saving opportunities. No matter! you are an independent contractor, a full time employee at an organization, or a small business owner it is imperative to choose the right tax advisor. Connect with BFG tax advisors to prepare and file taxes and get the most out of your returns!
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Reduce Tax Liability
Are you paying too much money in taxes? Get connected with a BFG tax advisor to limit your tax liability and increase profits. With more than two decades of experience in tax preparation, we help individuals save money in taxes and most importantly bring down the tax liability.

Tax Calculation
100% Data Security
Taxpayers are often targeted by cybercriminals seeking to procure sensitive tax information to file fraudulent returns. At BFG the security of clients' tax data is a top priority along with following an IRS-approved taxes-security checklist to prevent identity theft, data breaches, 256-bit data encryption- offering complete security.

Tax Calculation
Easy Communication
Our seasoned BFG tax professionals take the time to understand the client’s situation and help them through chat, email, and phone calls. The secured communication between our client and BFG tax consultant ensures everything is explained easily and simply with no tax jargon!
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Prevent Costly Mistakes
Do you know making mistakes when filing taxes can lead to refund deferment as well as may lead to daunting legal consequences with IRS! Instead of making costly mistakes risk, hire a professional tax expert to handle your tax preparation. Eliminate the chance of error and make sure the return is prepared correctly
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Give You Piece Of Mind
For most Americans filing a tax return is not an easy task! As an individual, you need to gather all the required paperwork, calculate deductions, and double-check the documents before submitting them to avoid future consequences. So, save your time, money, and efforts- get in touch with BFG professional tax preparer now!

Who Is It For ?


W-2 Employees

The IRS Form W-2 contains crucial information for employees such as the income earned from the employer, any fringe benefits from the employer, and other taxes retained on a paycheck. As an employee Form W-2 information is extremely imperative for individuals when preparing the tax return. So, to prevent tax filing errors as well as to reduce the tax liability. BFG can prepare your personal tax return, and help you on getting a maximum tax refund.


If you received one or more Form 1099 NEC from your employer, then you are considered as an independent contractor. You are going to pay self- employment tax in addition to your regular income tax. At BFG, our experienced tax professionals will help you to legally reduce your self-employment tax.
Sales Tax
Sales Tax

Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner it's essential you get the maximum industry-specific tax deductions including depreciation, automobiles, bad debt, rent, travel, insurance, pension plans, and much more. The IRS requires ordinary and necessary expense information of your business helping small business owners potentially lower the taxable income. At BFG get substantial tax savings – let’s get started!

Rental Property Owners

If you own one or multiple rental property units, you must know your federal tax obligations. The rental income is taxable however there are few deductions available on rental property to reduce the income tax. BFG tax advisors have got you covered! Get the biggest possible tax saving on your rental business activity.
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Price Starting at $199

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Make a deposit of $99 & Upload your Tax Documents.
Tax Planning

Step - 2

Based on the number of documents, number of forms preparation and the complexity of the return, we will estimate the preparation fee, and will inform you the preparation fee via email and text message.
Tax Planning

Step - 3

We will estimate the refund or tax due amount and will inform you via email and text message.
Business Growth

Step - 4

You approve the Fee, and we will complete the return and will email you the tax return copy.
Business Growth

Step - 5

If you are not interested to proceed with the tax preparation, let us know, and we will refund your full amount.
Tax Planning

Step - 6

Upon acceptance by the government agencies we will email you the acceptance conformation.

Benefits To Hire US

There are number of benefits listed in side which you can get to hire us.
  • We are an experienced professional accounting firm
  • Dedicated client service person
  • 15-Minutes FREE initial phone consultation
  • We collect your documents virtually. No mailing required.
  • 100% secured data accessible 24*7 through client portal
  • Phone & Chat with Real Humans during the business hours


I have done my tax returns with BFG for nearly 15 years. I have found them to be very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend BFG so you can worry less about some of life’s hassles 🙂

George V. and his team are always patient in treating us like newborns when it comes to understanding our accounting needs! We are a local, small, family owned and operated HVAC Company, not accountants. It really helps to have somebody willing to walk us through everything and TRY to help us understand where and what our money goes to! Thanks BFG.

Working with Business Financial Group is best decision I have made for my business! George, the owner is very hands on, patient and very knowledgeable in all aspects of accounting. The customer service is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! Business Financial Group get’s 10 stars from us.

I previously did my Quickbooks data entry myself and I made a huge mess of everything. I tried hiring another freelancer to try sort out the mess that I created. He wasn’t working out and that is when I came into contact with one of George’s Data Entry employee. He referred me to George– it has been a huge weight off my shoulders when I decided to work with George. He handles my books and files my taxes. He has excellent communication and I feel that I can really trust him with doing everything correctly. If you need an accountant that will treat you fairly, keep his word, and that is punctual then I would highly recommend that you give George a call. The Business Financial Group is top notch!

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Satheesh Thomas
Satheesh Thomas
Very good accounting firm Last 10 years my tax done by bfg group
Zachariah Thomas
Zachariah Thomas
Great, professional experience. Was very helpful in setting up and explaining everything on my tax forms.
Goldstar Mom
Goldstar Mom
Hello! I want to share my thoughts about doing business with Business Financial Group. I have been with BFG for a little over three years. During that time, BFG have filed my personal tax returns and my sons also. We have been very pleased. We have been able to get all of our tax returns done online and have not had to travel to the office which is very convenient. We are personally acquainted with our agent at BFG and respect the honesty and professional expertise we have received. BFG have also assisted us with the establishment of our small business LLC. I recommend BFG for expert, timely assistant with all CPA related needs.
Thomas Kalladan
Thomas Kalladan
I am using George Varghese at Business Financial Group for last 4 years. He is prompt and very knowledgeable in personal tax.
Thankamma Raji Samuel
Thankamma Raji Samuel
Very friendly, efficient and systematic. Great experience.
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