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Small Business Accounting

From start-ups to grown and matured corporations, we provide an extensive list of accounting services to businesses across the United States.

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Quickbooks Set-Up & Training

BFG offers accounting software support and training to help bolster business efficiency with renowned applications such as QuickBooks and Xero.

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Business Tax Preparation

We deliver a coordinated and holistic approach to the complex US tax code. Our team of specialists provides services to multiple states where your businesses exist.

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Personal Tax Preparation

Are you looking to file personal taxes? At BFG, if it’s a refund - We Get You Your Biggest Refund Check.

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Tax Planning

We're excited! Our team is ready to assist you with all of your tax planning needs.

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Payroll Services

BFG offers industry-leading payroll services, including benefits administration, salary deductions, compliance, and much more.

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Accounts payable

As an accounting and accounts payable service provider, we aim to reduce your workload while relieving your concerns.

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Why choose BFG?

Get all your business services under one roof

Your success is not optional. We have compiled a list of vital services that constantly inch you closer to your dreams and aspirations. Our range of customized business services, including accounting, tax return preparation, payroll administration, training and development, and human resource management, are meant to make it simpler for you to manage your core business functions under one umbrella firm.

Access a full-fledged learning center with accounting, software, and tax resources

BFG has a knowledge portal built from practical experiences, industry regulations, and laws. We have developed a set of courses to help you navigate the standard accounting practices, applications, and other valuable areas for better workflow management. Whether you’re looking to learn basic QuickBooks or advanced functionalities, we’ve got you covered.

Led by top accounting think-tanks

Our firm has existed for more than a decade now, and throughout the time, we have helped dozens of businesses and individuals with accounting, payroll, tax, and training services. We’ve survived and succeeded in these undertakings due to the leadership of our lead accountants. As a client, you’ll work with CPAs with vast knowledge and experience, coupled with practical solutions for your unique needs. Have you invented a new business idea? Don’t sweat it; we boast immense innovative skills honed through years of practice. As a firm, we’re proud of our team, which is why we believe you should get a share of what they’ve learned over the years to help you succeed.

No one-fits-all solutions

We appreciate that individuals and businesses sometimes face unique situations requiring custom solutions. This is why every client is treated as an unusual case and offered unique solutions to their business dynamics. At the core, we examine your scenario and develop a work plan that delivers to the exact specifications of the problem at hand. So if accounting application X works for an auto garage, a restaurant doesn’t necessarily have to use a similar software simply because it gets the job done elsewhere.

Onboarding Process

Thanks for choosing to join the BFG family; you won’t regret working with us. The onboarding process is pretty much a breeze. Upon officiating our engagement, we usually provide a checklist of what’s required depending on the contracted services. Once the necessary documents are in our possession, the work commences and gets delivered within the agreed timeline. We respect deadlines, and we’re known for it. So don’t worry about getting late reports and filings; our team works round the clock to ensure everything is done precisely. Once more, welcome to the family!

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