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We're Excited! Our Team Is Ready To Assist You With All Of Your Tax Planning Needs.

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“It's The Time Of Year When You Have To Be Especially Careful About Your Taxes, So Let Us Help You Out.”

With Bfg, You Can Reduce Your Tax Liabilities And Stay On Top Of The Latest Tax Laws. Our Years Of Experience Will Ensure Your Tax Needs Are Handled Professionally And With Care.

“It's the time of year when you have to be especially careful about your taxes, so let us help you out.”

With BFG, you can reduce your tax liabilities and stay on top of the latest tax laws. Our years of experience will ensure your tax needs are handled professionally and with care.

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We Offer Personalized Tax Planning Strategies For All Your Tax Needs By Following These Six Steps Below:

Personal Tax
Income Shifting
Income-shifting is the practice of transferring funds inside a business or between family members in order to reduce tax liability or adjusted gross income. Under certain IRS restrictions, this method of tax reduction offers benefits to your family.
Business Tax
Expense Shifting
Expense shifting is a strategy adopted by small businesses to decrease their overall tax burden. You can reduce taxable income by reclassifying income and spending. Consider taking advantage of any tax benefits or deductions available to small businesses.
Tax Loopholes
There are many kinds of deductions available to U.S. small businesses. For any of these deductions, you must provide a receipt. All receipts must be stored in an orderly manner. We ensure that you are not overpaying or underpaying.
Income Character Conversion
Income character conversion is an essential step in tax planning. Using income character conversion, you can shift income from ordinary tax treatment to capital gain treatment guidelines, and profit from assets by following the rules.
Tax Planning
Spending/Investment Strategies
If the right circumstances exist, spending money to expand a business can result in tax deductions. In order to minimize tax burdens on growing businesses, it is encouraged that they take advantage of this tax deduction strategy.
Business Management
Tax Credits
Tax credits lower your federal and state income taxes. A tax credit reduces taxes by rewarding economically or environmentally beneficial conduct. Our CPAs and tax advisors will provide essential guidance and advice to reduce your tax liabilities.

Industries That We Serve

Our tax planning services are ideal for small business owners, we ensure
Tax Planning

Step - 1

Tax-saving strategies and methods for reducing taxable income.
Tax Planning

Step - 2

We make sure you pay your taxes on time.
Tax Planning

Step - 3

We can help you lower your tax rate.
Business Growth

Step - 4

We guide you every step of the way and help you prevent common tax planning mistakes.
Business Growth

Step - 5

Make the most of tax credits and deductions available to you.
Our Tax Planning Services Are Ideal For Small Business Owners, We Ensure

Tax-saving strategies and methods for reducing taxable income.

We can help you lower your tax rate.

Make the most of tax credits and deductions available to you.

We make sure you pay your taxes on time.

We guide you every step of the way and help you prevent common tax planning mistakes.

Tax-saving Strategies And Methods For Reducing Taxable Income.

We Can Help You Lower Your Tax Rate.

Make The Most Of Tax Credits And Deductions Available To You.

We Make Sure You Pay Your Taxes On Time.

We Guide You Every Step Of The Way And Help You Prevent Common Tax Planning Mistakes.

FAQs About Bfg Tax Planning

Q: What is BFG Tax Planning Services?

BFG Tax Planning Services Is A Professional Tax Planning, And Tax Preparation Service That Helps Individuals And Businesses Optimize Their Tax Situation And Minimize Their Tax Liability.

Q: Who Can Benefit From BFG Tax Planning Services?

Anyone Who Is Looking To Reduce Their Tax Burden And Increase Their Tax Efficiency Can Benefit From Our Services. This Includes Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners, And Corporations.

Q: How Does BFG Tax Planning Services Help Minimize Tax Liability?

Our Tax Experts Analyze Your Financial Situation, Identify Potential Deductions And Credits, And Develop A Personalized Tax Strategy That Minimizes Your Tax Liability.

Q: What Sets BFG Tax Planning Services Apart?

We Have Extensive Experience And Knowledge In Tax Planning And Preparation. Depending On The Circumstances Of Each Client, We Develop A Customized Tax Strategy.

Q: How Can I Get Started With Bfg Tax Planning Services?

You can schedule a consultation through our website, phone, or email. During the consultation, we'll discuss your tax needs and develop a customized plan.

Benefits To Hire US

There are number of benefits listed in side which you can get to hire us.
  • We are an experienced professional accounting firm
  • Dedicated client service person
  • 15-Minutes FREE initial phone consultation
  • We collect your documents virtually. No mailing required.
  • 100% secured data accessible 24*7 through client portal
  • Phone & Chat with Real Humans during the business hours


I have done my tax returns with BFG for nearly 15 years. I have found them to be very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend BFG so you can worry less about some of life’s hassles 🙂

George V. and his team are always patient in treating us like newborns when it comes to understanding our accounting needs! We are a local, small, family owned and operated HVAC Company, not accountants. It really helps to have somebody willing to walk us through everything and TRY to help us understand where and what our money goes to! Thanks BFG.

Working with Business Financial Group is best decision I have made for my business! George, the owner is very hands on, patient and very knowledgeable in all aspects of accounting. The customer service is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! Business Financial Group get’s 10 stars from us.

I previously did my Quickbooks data entry myself and I made a huge mess of everything. I tried hiring another freelancer to try sort out the mess that I created. He wasn’t working out and that is when I came into contact with one of George’s Data Entry employee. He referred me to George– it has been a huge weight off my shoulders when I decided to work with George. He handles my books and files my taxes. He has excellent communication and I feel that I can really trust him with doing everything correctly. If you need an accountant that will treat you fairly, keep his word, and that is punctual then I would highly recommend that you give George a call. The Business Financial Group is top notch!

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Satheesh Thomas
Satheesh Thomas
Very good accounting firm Last 10 years my tax done by bfg group
Zachariah Thomas
Zachariah Thomas
Great, professional experience. Was very helpful in setting up and explaining everything on my tax forms.
Goldstar Mom
Goldstar Mom
Hello! I want to share my thoughts about doing business with Business Financial Group. I have been with BFG for a little over three years. During that time, BFG have filed my personal tax returns and my sons also. We have been very pleased. We have been able to get all of our tax returns done online and have not had to travel to the office which is very convenient. We are personally acquainted with our agent at BFG and respect the honesty and professional expertise we have received. BFG have also assisted us with the establishment of our small business LLC. I recommend BFG for expert, timely assistant with all CPA related needs.
Thomas Kalladan
Thomas Kalladan
I am using George Varghese at Business Financial Group for last 4 years. He is prompt and very knowledgeable in personal tax.
Thankamma Raji Samuel
Thankamma Raji Samuel
Very friendly, efficient and systematic. Great experience.
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