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We evaluate your current systems for effectiveness and efficiency.

One of the most overlooked aspects of running a Atlanta business is the establishment of internal controls and policies to ensure that things are run smoothly and efficiently and that protections of your resources are put in place.  Having an experienced and well-trained professional come into your organization to evaluate your operations from an outsider’s perspective is one of the best ways of assessing what has been overlooked and where improvements can be made.  Business Financial Group will evaluate your current systems for effectiveness and efficiency and provide you with suggestions that will help you become more profitable by eliminating inefficiencies and creating opportunities for enhanced effectiveness.

Atlanta based Business Financial Group’s evaluation will include:

  • Dividing and segregating duties among a variety of individuals in order to minimize the risk of mistakes being made or inappropriate actions being taken. Doing this will prevent any single individual from having control over financial transactions.
  • Establishing an approval hierarchy making one person responsible for authorizing transactions, ensuring not only that funds are available but also that the expenses are in keeping with company policy.
  • Establishing a system by which routine reviews of all financial transaction records are conducted. The person assigned responsibility for this reconciliation will be someone different from the person who was responsible for processing the initial transaction.
  • Establish a periodical accounting of all equipment, inventory, cash and other property, making sure that it is consistent with control records and descriptions, physically present, and secure.
  • Establish employee training programs and handbooks that provide complete and thorough job descriptions, detailed information regarding individual duties and responsibilities, and guidance regarding appropriate action to take in the face of malfeasance or inappropriate behaviors that are observed. We will also review staffing and supervision to make sure that all employees are receiving appropriate direction.
  • Make sure that all policies and procedures are documented and available to employees, including information needed to provide appropriate coverage when facing periods of extended absences or job vacancies.
  • Assess operations in order to determine whether they are being conducted properly and whether they remain conducive to the company’s goals.


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