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We are excited to prepare and file your tax return​
Maximize Tax Deduction
Optimize Recordkeeping
Complete Accuracy
Hassle-Free Tax Filing
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We Offer Comprehensive Business Tax Services

Maximize Tax Deduction
As a business owner, you may have to undergo the stress of finances, stakeholders, customers, staff, and much more but the most challenging and crucial task is return filling and taxes of your business. Hire BFG experienced business tax consultants to reduce your tax burden and maximize tax deductions.
Optimize Recordkeeping
To improve your business tax deductions it is important to optimize your business expenses, collecting and tracking them in a sorted manner. When you work with BFG business tax advisors they will help you in improving your recordkeeping process, in tax season your business is in a better position.
Complete Accuracy
If you are doing your taxes yourself, you may feel disorganized and chaotic. As a business owner, you deal with numerous transactions, accounts, and statements daily. It becomes difficult to manage all these parameters while comprehending the payable tax liabilities. A tax expert can help you stay organized along with providing maximum accuracy!
Hassle-Free Tax Filing
A professional tax consultant allows you to endure hassle-free tax filing by taking care of the tax issues. From lowering down the overall tax liabilities to assisting in imparting suggestions on audits – BFG business tax advisor leaves you with a more convenient tax and frustration-free tax season.
Focus On Business Growth
Filing business tax is not an easy task when you own and run a successful small business. With the right business tax consultant to focus on other essential areas of business – clients, customers, and stakeholders, let BGF professional accountants prepare and file your tax legally and correctly!
Peace Of Mind
No matter! You are an established firm or a startup venture, filing your own business taxes can be nerve-racking. Moreover, you should be double-sure that the figures stated in the tax form are accurate and correct. BFG offers professional tax preparation services; you get complete peace of mind.

Who Is It For ?

Startup Companies

For startup companies the tax season can be quite demanding, preparing the tax return for the first time especially with no necessary tax information can be frustrating. However, Not anymore! A BFG professional business tax expert can help you lower your stress, make sure your startup venture is compliant with the latest tax regulations, and optimize your tax returns.

Growing Companies

If you are a growing venture entrepreneur or owner, choosing the right tax advisor is vital for your business success. BFG tax experts serve as your trusted advisor with a wealth of knowledge they help in managing cash flow, identifying any potential risk, improving your books, and preparing tax returns.

Established business

The documentation and desk work formalities are higher in established businesses. When it comes to the tax return, every paper and document has relevance. Give your business an edge and maximize your tax-saving – BFG tax professionals will accurately maximize the possible refund and minimize the tax liability.

Our Packages



If you do not keep your accounting records updated every month, you may create a lot of chaos for your business. In order to make good decisions and boost your organization’s growth, knowing about your finances is very important. When you get in touch with us, we’ll take care of your accounting department and will also connect your bank with QuickBooks that’ll make the process quicker and more efficient..



BFG can make your tax worries disappear by offering you robust strategies for tax planning. Once we’ve done an analysis of your books and get aware of your profits, we can offer you a tax planner. Our experts will make sure all your financial details have been studied in a proper manner and the planning is being done as per the latest rules.



One of the major concerns for business owners is to maintain records for tax filing and make sure they do not miss the due date. Our team of professionals stays thoroughly updated with returns regulations and we guarantee to file your business tax returns on time.




I have done my tax returns with BFG for nearly 15 years. I have found them to be very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend BFG so you can worry less about some of life’s hassles 🙂

Babu Shanmugam

George V. and his team are always patient in treating us like newborns when it comes to understanding our accounting needs! We are a local, small, family owned and operated HVAC Company, not accountants. It really helps to have somebody willing to walk us through everything and TRY to help us understand where and what our money goes to! Thanks BFG.

Tim H

HVAC Owner
Working with Business Financial Group is best decision I have made for my business! George, the owner is very hands on, patient and very knowledgeable in all aspects of accounting. The customer service is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! Business Financial Group get’s 10 stars from us.

Annette E

Business Manager
I previously did my Quickbooks data entry myself and I made a huge mess of everything. I tried hiring another freelancer to try sort out the mess that I created. He wasn’t working out and that is when I came into contact with one of George’s Data Entry employee. He referred me to George– it has been a huge weight off my shoulders when I decided to work with George. He handles my books and files my taxes. He has excellent communication and I feel that I can really trust him with doing everything correctly. If you need an accountant that will treat you fairly, keep his word, and that is punctual then I would highly recommend that you give George a call. The Business Financial Group is top notch!

Caleb R

Business Owner

Benefits To Hire US

There are number of benefits listed in side which you can get to hire us.
  • We are an experienced professional accounting firm
  • Dedicated client service person
  • 15-Minutes FREE initial phone consultation
  • Proper Tax Planning
  • We collect your documents virtually. No mailing required.
  • 100% secured data accessible 24*7 through client portal
  • Monthly plans with money back guarantee. No questions asked.
  • Use us instead of hiring a NEW employee
  • Phone & Chat with Real Humans during the business hours
  • Monthly Financial Statement
  • We will handle the IRS or any other Govt. agencies for you
  • Proper Cash Flow Planning & growth plan for businesses
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